Visit “Little Wonders”, everyone!

21 Mar

Hello semuanya..
annyeong! ^^

Yap, Udah lama banget ya sejak ada postingan baru di blog ini.
Well, as seen on previous post, yang punya blog udah pindah ke blog yang namanya Pop’in Asia.

Nah trus kenapa bisa ada postingan baru disini??
Well, alasannya adalah, karena saya mau berpromosi disini.. kekeke~ XD

Since I can’t do it on Pop’in Asia or else the boss is going to kick me out of her blog,
so I decided to do it, here :p

Yap, buat kalian yang suka sama Asian Fashion style yang emang cute, keren2 dan unik2,
Please visit Little Wonders Shop on facebook.

We have plenty of Imported Clothes, accesories and bags from Hongkong, Korea, and Japan.

Please add us! ^^

and sorry for misusing my own blog kekeke~ XD


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