A newcomer on T-ara’s next mini-album!

23 Sep

As stated, T-ara yang tadinya beranggotakan 6 member, sekarang anggota T-ara akan menjadi berjumlah 7 member dengan kedatangan si T-ara newcomer, Ryu Hwayoung. Dan karena Hwayoung umurnya sama dengan maknae T-ara, Park Jiyeon, so T-ara has 2 maknaes to take care of now… hahaha

Note : Ryu Hwayoung is on the left, Park Jiyeon is on the right side

Setelah merilis “I Go Crazy Because Of You” setengah tahun yang lalu, T-ara udah jarang aktif lagi di dunia per-kpopan, but guess what, they’re going to comeback on this October with a new mini-album!

The new leader, Boram said:
“Now that I’m a leader and there is a new member, I have a lot more responsibility. This holiday will help me prepare for this and the new album.”

well, that’s definitely a leader attitude!
Mengenai mini-albumnya T-ara ini masih belum ada informasi yang lebih lengkap, so I don’t know that much about their mini-album either, but T-ara said that their new mini-album is going to be “Passionately extraordinary”.
Let’s just wait, and see :)

source : dkpopnews


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