Jaejoong is going to be in a drama, while MBLAQ cancelled their film

21 Aug

Well, as stated, we’re going to talk about Jaejoong first,

Nah, buat para penggemarnya DBSK yang kangen sama wajah imut si Jaejoong, well, you can see him on a new blockbuster drama :D

So, he’s going to be in a drama titled “Poseidon” yang bertotal 20 episode yang akan tayang setengah tahun lagi (sabar yaa.. haha :p)
Karena keberhasilannya si Jaejoong pada tahun ini dalam sebuah drama Jepang yg berjudul “Because I could not be honest”, nah jadilah si Jaejoong mulai dilirik untuk muncul dalam drama Poseidon ini.
Kurang lebih, drama Poseidon ini bercerita tentang kepolisian maritim yang berlatar belakang sejarah Korea.

A comment from H20 Production about the upcoming drama :
“The drama is produced with the theme of the wholehearted support of the maritime police. In the next few months, the writer of the drama plans to study the maritime police’s roles in saving lives through thorough on-site research to collect hard information for the drama. With the theme of tight bonds between individuals as a background of the plot, the drama will do more than simply pull the heartstrings of viewers with a character’s bravery and inclination to take challenges and risks to save lives while the maritime police members themselves deal with each of his or her own pains.”

wah, tinggal ditunggu aja nih setengah tahun lagi hehe :p

Lain lagi dengan MBLAQ, yang batal nongol di MNet Reality program, “Kim Sooro’s Special Class in an Elite University” (too bad, i was expecting to see them D=)

Katanya sih, batalnya pemunculan MBLAQ di film ini sih gara2 protes dari studentsnya. (Blame it on the students! :p haha)
Sayang banget, padahal sebenernya MBLAQ udah sempet mulai filming. But because they cancelled it, don’t know what are they going to do with the filmed part.

Dari pihak Seoul Universitynya sempet berkomentar :
“If the whole school systems is going to be broadcasted, then it important to get an approval from the planning division. However, if it is going to be but a short interview or investigation, the approval can be given with discretion, and we believe that the life sciences department has given the approval regarding the filming with MBLAQ.”

“But, if the school systems is broadcasted, not just the life sciences department, and this becomes an inconvenience to the students, then there are other official methods of the broadcasting team to officially request to the school and try to fix the situation.”

Well, so the problem isn’t about “I hate MBLAQ”, tapi karena pihak Seoul University takut kalo sistem sekolah tsb di broadcast, bakal mengganggu kenyamanan studentsnya (well, they protested, right?).
Salah satu student di Seoul University sempet mulai protes waktu ada kru2 film dan kamera2 yang berdatangan di sekolah mereka, saying that it’s going to bother the students.
Their hard work wasted, then :(
Well, keep fighting MBLAQ!

source : allkpop+dkpopnews


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