Kim Hyun Joong ke Bali!! + Kim Kyu Jong on “Superstar”

14 Aug

waw! setelah kemaren my Thai prince a.k.a Nichkhun ke Bali, sekarang gantian Kim Hyun Joong yang ke Bali!! huahuahuhauhauha (buat yang belum tau, kemarin2 Nichkhun sempet ke Bali juga buat photoshoot lho :D, sayangnyaaaaa gw ga ke Bali >3<)

HyunJoong kemarin sempet ke Bali juga (buat photoshoot juga) untuk “Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story””.
Berikut adalah postingan Hyunjoong di blognya: (engga gw translate gapapa yah xD, kalo gw translate kan entar jadinya agak gimanaaa gitu, ga asoy(?) xD)

Finally Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” has started shooting overseas. The shooting location is at Bali. Hyun Joong’s group depart on 28th July from Seoul and arrived on a different date, 29th morning after 2am.

There’s a time difference of 1 hour in Bali as to Japan and Korea. If it’s 9am in Japan, it would be 8am at local time. While the northern hemisphere is changing to summer, the southern hemisphere is changing to winter. In terms of season, it would be winter but it’s a hot and humid night. (By the way, there’s no 4 seasons here but rainy and dry season) Furthermore, there’s a big downpour from the day before and we are worried for the shooting on 29th. But on the 29th, it was as if last night’s heavy rain was a lie as it was sunny and all staff was relieved.

A large group of over 30 staff including Kim Hyun Joong to Bae Yong Joon’s management company staff, director, shooting staff, hairmake and stylist, local coordinator etc. Including the RED camera and 4 cranes where this shoot is comparable to a movie or drama shooting.

The first day shoot started at number 10 villa’s bedroom.
Hyun Joong arrived a little after 10am wearing white Tshirt and white pants. It seems adequate calling him “Prince Charming” or “Pure White Prince” as he stands out catching all the attention. It started out from waking up from the white bed in the white room at the 2nd level and walking out to the veranda under the dazzling morning sun scene.

Next moving to Karma resort best rated Villa36, shooting the scene of him indulging in reminiscing songs while playing the guitar in the spacious living room. His attire is white shirt with dark grey vest, tight necktie and grey pants. The image of him playing the guitar was the best of all.

good, good… makin banyak aja artis yang ke Indo, haha :D

Okay, next, we have a quick news about Kim Kyu Jong here…

Yap, sesuai judul postingan ini, Kyu Jong bakalan main drama, yg berjudul “Superstar”
Nah, di drama ini, selain ber akting, Doi juga bakalan menyanyikan soundtrack2nya.
This is one of them, “Awkward Confession”, enjoy the MV! :)

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