Shindong’s girlfriend likes Nichkhun more than Super Junior?

1 Aug

hwalahh?? kok bisa?
Nari, I know Nichkhun is so charming, but you already got ShinDong! >3<
Well, actually, he (ShinDong) is thinking to get married with his girl (yay! congrats!^^), but recently, Shindong confessed about his awkward relationship with his girlfriend.

Shindong bilang, “My girlfriend likes 2PM Nichkhun more than Super Junior members”. nah lho??

Shindong juga bilang, kalau dia orangnya konservatif, dan punya personality yang kurang baik.
“For example, I asked what she wanted to eat but eventually I ate what I wanted to eat”.
Yahhhh Shindong gimana sihhh? -_-

Leader Leeteuk juga sempat berkomentar soal pacarnya Shindong, he said “There is no problem for him to announce about his girlfriend, but because of the talks going on about Shindong’s marriage, Shindong’s girlfriend has become more of an issue than the 4th album and it made us feel sad”.
Hmm, tapi setelahnya Leeteuk bilang “She came to visit our dorm and we have met each other”. Leeteuk juga bilang, kalau “She is a combination of cute, petite and sexy”.

Wah Shindong dah dapet restu nih dari sang leader…  just be nicer to Nari, okay? :D

source : TV Report


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